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UCI Cycling in Harrogate

In July I received a phone call from the events team that were organising the UCI Cycling World Championships in Harrogate. They asked if I'd like to do the presentation bouquets for all the medal winners during the course of the event..... Ummm, Yes Please!! I'd LOVE to! It was a no brainer, what an honour!

They left it up to me to choose what to create. I went with a white rose theme (for Yorkshire), white Lisianthus, white Veronica & foliage. I wanted to include the UCI colours so every bouquet had trailing ribbons in blue, black, yellow, green & red.

This was the first batch I delivered

Every day during the event I delivered the required amount they needed for that days races. Sometimes it was 30, sometimes it was only 4 or 5.

Overall, I created 145 bouquets over the 9 days. The feedback was amazing, people were sharing pictures of the winners holding my bouquets on social media, they were shown on tele and on the internet, I couldn't have been prouder :)

A few snaps of people sharing on Instagram

There has been a lot of mixed reactions to how this event affected Harrogate; the road closures, businesses affected, the state of The Stray... all I can say is that I was one of the lucky ones and I'm incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity. It was crazy to think that the night before the races, I was beavering away in my 'lil studio in Knaresborough making bouquets, and then the next day they were being shown on the tele!? Life's a bit mad sometimes isn't it??!

Proud moment :)


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