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The Harrogate Flower Show

I decided to enter one of the floristry competitions last week at The Harrogate Flower Show. I hadn't entered one for quite a few years but thought I'd give it a bash!

The brief was to design a bridal bouquet on the theme 'Urban'

I went for a graffiti theme and designed a bouquet in the shape of a flower using wires, twine and aspidistra leaves. I then glued hundreds of tiny succulents and flowers onto each petal.

This took me 8.5 hours in total to make!

I was fairly pleased with the end result, I'm always hard on myself and so critical, there were definitely parts I could have improved on, or finished off a little better.

I didn't win :( but, that's ok, I knew it wasn't winning material! I got 64/100 overall and I got nice comments from the judges.

I even graffitied a wall (I've never done that before)

A close up of all the tiny succulents and flowers

I'm going to enter again at the Autumn Flower Show. Perhaps plan a bit better and not rush it this time! We never stop learning do we?!


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