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New Year, New Me

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

I've never been a fan of that phrase, but actually, this year, never has a truer word been spoken.

At the end of summer 2018, I decided that it was time to leave my shop on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate after 11 years and start a new flowery chapter from a (soon to be) newly built studio in Knaresborough.

And now, 4 months later with huge amounts of blood, sweat and tears (sweat from my boyfriend building the damn thing and tears from me!) here I am, sat at my brand new desk, on my new, fancy brown leather swivel stool, typing these words and feeling extremely lucky/brave/nervous/happy/excited!

Flower studio with wood panelling, botanical shelving and vases of flowers
4 Seasons Flower Studio

Lady making bouquet in flower studio, little pug dog by her side
Louise & co worker (Winne!) busy at work in the new flower studio

Winnie is sleeping in her new bed, the flowers are blooming with colour and sweet scent and my plants are thriving. And I’m so happy, I’m finally here. Now from my new space I can focus on my passion for flowers and offer a unique, simple bouquet delivery service where each week I design a bouquet with beautiful, seasonal stems.

My year is set to be busy with weddings, starting in Spring I’ll be creating with colours that pop and textures that’ll make your heart sing. I’m still taking bookings for the months of June, July and Autumn, check out the wedding page here.

I also plan to develop some workshops and start them late spring for flower lovers who want to delve in to the wonderful world of design and drink tea, eat biscuits.

Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram and Facebook for updates (and pictures of Winnie).



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