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Floral Crown in the Making...

This post goes out to all the doubters. Those who receive a wedding quote from a florist and are shocked because it's more expensive than a package they've seen that Marks & Spencer's or Morrison's do. I mean, it's just throwing a few flowers together, surely 🤷🏼‍♀️?! No. We are florists. We are trained, highly skilled creatives who put our all into your big day. Your wedding day can take weeks of preparation for us. Working with our suppliers to make sure we can guarantee to get the exact blooms for your big day, sourcing vases/tealights/the right shade of ribbon even 🎀. Heck, even conditioning all the blooms when they arrive the week of your wedding can take a full day ✂️🌿!

Bundles of wired flowers & foliage for floral crown
Floral Crown Ingredients

This circlet I made took me an hour from start to finish- every leaf and flower was individually wired by my hands, and I did it with love and passion and great pride in what I do. I wanted it to be right, I want you to feel proud to wear this crown upon your brow like the Queen you are 🙌🏻👸🏼. So, if you'd like to give your money to a big corporation who don't give a damn about you or your wedding day, by all means, go ahead. But, if you'd like to work with creative, passionate people, see where they work, benefit from meeting in person and enjoy a cup of tea, perhaps a bit of banter even while we discuss your big day, then us florists are the people for you ✌🏻 X

Lady with silver lilac hair wearing floral crown of spray roses, scabious & hydrangea.

Lady wearing floral crown and writing a list at the desk
Louise writing her lists with a floral crown upon her brow


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